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Simple and easy way to create a modern website, integrated with Google and Facebook profile.

Why do I need a website of my garage?

The website and social media profiles are more and more often the first form of contact with customers. From people using smartphones on a daily basis, to people who are using the technology rarely, only using a computer browser. Thanks to our system, the website created for you and social media profiles will mark your presence on the digital map of the city or region, allowing you to contact greater number of prospective customers. An updated website, containing all the necessary information on the services and contact details is not only an advertisement, but also the best presentation of the company you are running.

I know nothing about marketing

The idea of the whole undertaking which was born in Inter Cars is based on the assumption: let professionals do the things they know best! Doctors should treat us, cars should be repaired by mechanics, and creating ads and gaining new customers should be done by experts who use most modern technologies and can do that best on the market! Proper communication with the environment and targeted advertising to proper groups of recipients can make also the profile of your customers change in the future. If a garage is seen as fully professional one, being presented as a premium class, this may allow obtaining wealthier customers as well.

I have no time for it!

The website created together with Inter Cars is practically maintenance free, meaning that automatically, with no interference from outside, it creates articles of Facebook posts. It is enough to spend several minutes once on proper configuration in the system, and later it will generate a website within 48 hours, together with Facebook and Google profiles, filling in contents with suitable texts for your garage. One just needs to have a logo of the garage at hand, some top quality, high resolution, nice photos of premises. The rest will be done by the automated system!

What, besides the website?

A website is not everything, and that is why the system will automatically connect it with Facebook and Google profiles. Thanks to this updating and communication via all the accounts connected with a garage will be realised in one place. As the system is created in close cooperation with Google and Facebook specialist, the websites will be 100% compliant with the most recent trends and guidelines from those companies. This means that they will appear in search result more often than websites of other automotive garages. The idea behind the whole undertaking is one: a doctor treats people, mechanic repairs cars, an advertising specialist deals with ads and gaining new customers.

What about advertising?

Thanks to direct integration of the website with Facebook and Google platforms, the system will be able to create dedicated advertising campaigns, generating traffic on the website and gaining new contacts, with no need of knowing all the sophisticated advertising tools. Basic information on type of service, budget and promotion period is enough. And finally, thanks to aggregated statistical data, in one place the system presents an answer to long-standing question: “How many customers visited my website?” or “How many customers contacted me thanks to the advertisement?”.

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